TQ for the prompt reply. Chocolate Bars. Savor the aroma of Hennessy V.S.O.P and the subtle bitterness of cacao in this semi-sweet "Nama Chocolate". What is the size of the tin you used, so that the chocolate has the perfect height? . , Oh my goodness this looks delicious and so easy! Wow! The liquor I added really added an amazing flavor, and a tiny 2cm x 2cm square is extremely satisfying and rich, all on its own! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. I think it should work, but I haven’t tried it with whipping cream yet. I’m so happy to hear you like gyudon recipe! I tried your recipe but the chocolate stick to the paper. Just made them, and now I’m waiting for them to become stiff. Thank you for your kind feedback! Thank you very much for the recipe and the website. I hope you enjoy this chocolate recipe! . It will separate and may not solidify. When you see small bubbles around the saucepan, remove from the heat. For the purpose of enriching your life, I would like to introduce things about Japan on this blog, especially unique Japanese products, cooking recipes, cultures, and facts and trivia. It should work just fine. . Wow… I wish to visit one day! Will try making them soon and reply back with what I think. Where did you get your box in the picture? Hershey should work… . xoxo. Keep in the airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Someone asked the similar question above and I mentioned 2-4 Tbsp. Whipping cream is different from heavy / double cream. . Another suggestion is to make small batches so you cut less? Hi I came across your recipe and I must say that I am absolutely in love with the simplicity of this. Alex Thai, Hi…. You can purchase a box of Meltykiss at Asian supermarkets, convenience stores and train kiosks in Japan. Can’t thank you enough!! Hi Yen! Oh, also, I wondered if you could explain a bit of how it works to add an alcohol, when liquid water is supposed to mess it up – that seemed counter intuitive to me, and I wondered if that was what made it slightly grainy…though it could have also been that I didn’t melt all the bits as well as I thought I did first, and/or the cream was potentially too hot. I made it entirely without milk and I couldn’t taste the coconut in the chocolate after it was finished, either. Learn how your comment data is processed. This was very easy to make, with outstanding results! If so, how much should i add? , Hi, Ling here from Malaysia . You can also keep in the freezer for up to a month. Hi Aimee! I haven’t tested the recipe, so it’s hard to say the exact measurement for each ingredients. . . #HowJapanDoesChocolate The content has been updated. Btw, I love all your recipe, they r easy n good. I now learned about the difficulty of making this chocolate in hot climate and can advise others properly. American heavy cream is 36 to 38% fat. Thank you for this recipe and the useful tips – the chocolates were amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing your happiness with us! Hi Nami! I believe heavy cream is necessary to achieve the good nama chocolate texture. Do you have latex gloves? If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! You can use any brand of chocolate and cocoa powder, but I recommend a very good kind. Love your work! A blend of the choicest milk chocolate and fresh cream make it rich and smooth. Add a pinch salt and stir until combined. . PLEASE tell me how to do it with white chocolate!!! Sounds like that’s a necessary step if the chocolate melts so quickly! Also, make sure your chocolate didn’t seize due to water (please read in my Note section). Thankyou for providing such wonderful recipes. After you cut nama chocolate into cubes, you can pick up each chocolate and dust cocoa all over it (using fine mesh sieve, I use one I use that’s for tea here – it’s small so mess area is only the area above chocolate.). Also can I substitute milk chocolate as well? Unique Chocolate Gifts. Thank you for sharing the info with us! So can you tell me what i can replace Heavy cream in this recipe? Nama Chocolate is rich, smooth, and moist, with a silky texture that literally melts in your mouth. Nama (生, pronounce [na-ma]) means raw or fresh in Japanese. Let me know how it goes! If you use lower quality chocolate, it won’t go well, and if water goes into chocolate etc. Hi Patty! Thank you for trying my recipes! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Haha, you’re sweet. Would I have your permission to include this in my article if I make sure you are credited on the page? Because of the fresh cream, Nama Chocolate must be kept in the refrigerator at all times and it is best enjoyed fresh, within 4 days after being made. In 1988, the owner and chef Masakazu Kobayashi at the sweet shop Sils Maria created a new type of chocolate, and he named this chocolate Nama Chocolate and Nama Choco (生チョコ) for short. Thank you for your kind feedback. Hi Raymund! So if you have to chop chocolate anyway, I think this method is faster? Ask our friends and every visitor to our house, and they’d tell you our fridge always has a certain Royce’ product—mostly the legendary Nama Chocolate, the irresistible Potatochip Chocolate and the iconic Chocolate Bars. Prestige liqueurs are also mixed into some of them. Many people from Malaysia tried this recipe, so I’m sure it’ll work. Hope you like the different versions too! I’ve only used milk powder when baking bread so I have no idea how much of milk powder is needed for chocolate or how the taste is affected by the milk powder etc. Recommendation of Unique Japanese Products and Culture © 2020. Gonna try milk chocolate next time ???????? I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this chocolate. Outlets were established in Hiragishi, Asabu and Kotoni. Is this because I put it in the freezer and for too long? Hi Chu! Thank you so much for sharing this! I love it when the food and story are combined. This looks soooo good! I’m so excited to try out this recipe! But of course feel free to adapt to your liking. Hi there, I whipped some of this up, on a whim today, and thought it looked the right consistency, but only after it was chilled did I find that it was a little grainy inside, and also not quite as firm as I expected (a bit jiggly). This time right after I pour in the chocolate and start mixing, for the first 5 seconds, a bit of it looks nice and smooth, but it started to get clumpier and thicker as I kept mixing. Mix the chocolate and cream and make sure there is no lump. The world renowned brand from Hokkaido called Royce’ Chocolate is finally available at CF Richmond Centre and Oakridge Centre. Any different texture etc? Sep 9, 2020 - Pictures of our stunning #chocolates. It’s in Step 3, 8″ square baking dish (20 x 20 cm). The parchment is attached to the chocolate BUT it should come out clean…. Am thinking of adding alcohol, maybe rum or kahlua. . I think I know the reason because I’ve done it before. I have 200g chocolate. I’ll refer to your comment if anyone asks me for vegan/lactose-free version! Or you can freeze the chocolate for up to a month. First off, I would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! . Hi Sam! We put butter into white chocolate to make it smooth. This was my first try of Royce Nama Chocolate, but the taste really lives up to its reputation, so delicious! One of the main ingredients in its products is the fresh cream from local sources. Hi Ceres93! The presentation is awesome. Make sure that it contains cocoa butter because some inferior brands contain vegetable fat and that could cause separation. 4.0 out of 5 stars 93 ratings | 15 answered questions Price: $42.99 ($9.77 / ounce) & FREE Shipping: Flavor: Milk-Chocolate: Brand: ROYCE JAPAN: Weight: 0.42 Pounds: Product Specifications (Unit) 4.4 ounce: About this item "Made in HOKKAIDO" Shipping from HOKKAIDO New … I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it. The gudon being my favorite. Nama Chocolate is a specific variety of chocolate whose chocolate dough is kneaded with dairy cream or Western liquors. It should stay just like right after sprinkle. Also what does it mean by almost boiling? Please review the recipe notes in the recipe card, and we hope you will give this recipe a try again. Oh so lucky! You live in Tasmania! Adjust the amount according to your liking.). $42.99 $ … |: thanks so much for this recipe. Can you tell me how much liquor to use, I don’t see an amount anywhere. And be careful NOT to introduce any moisture when you are melting the chocolate (I wrote in Notes section of the recipe). Yeah, it is. I’ve never done that (SF is always cold or cool so I don’t have to worry this part), but it might help. You can try half of all the ingredients. However, the batter turned out to be quite stiff, it wasn’t that smooth as yours. There are certain people that we should stop facing and look at for 5 minutes at least, they are so wonderful. http://www.fonterrafoodservices.net/en/sg/products/23/uhtcream/Pack or http://www.summitstore.net/goods/html/?3277.html. The chocolate melts very easily and i was wondering whether it would get melted by the time i reached school. http://www.notquitenigella.com/2013/02/14/nama-chocolate/, Hope you can adapt and make Nama Chocolate because it’s soooo good… . I’ve never used biological preservatives so I can’t tell… . — I use a double boiler because then I don’t have to worry about burning the chocolate (which I might otherwise do — eek!). Line an 8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm baking dish with parchment paper. Hi Nami, I do this on yes”day, I put at refrigerate for over night, but how come it still soft? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. , You are very welcome! We hope this helps!. I’ll answer the best I can. I’m just an amateur and didn’t know much about ingredients. tempered chocolate is where i have to let the chocolate cool until a certain temperature and add cocoa butter right? Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. You may use half of all the ingredients., Hi Ria! Nama chocolate is a very simple recipe, but the ingredients and portion has to be just right. High-quality chocolate is mandatory since that’s the most important ingredient for making delicious Nama Chocolate. I never eat chocolate 99% cacao because in my country doesn’t have that product, but i see some review of chocolate 99% cacao, it look very impressive so i wonder if i make nama chocolate by chocolate 99% cacao how it tatse 1 more thing is should you recommend some chocolate 85 or 99% brand? It’s made of fresh cream and chocolate, cut into little cubes, and dusted with fine cocoa powder. It's one of the most popular gifts from Japan, but you can easily make it at home. My kids don’t like it so I don’t usually put in the chocolate. We hope you enjoy this recipe. Do you think this is your case? Yesterday I tried out this lovely recipe and it was my first time dealing with chocolate on such a scale. my son loved royce chocolates when we visited singapore so this is a very nice treat for him (if i don’t gobble it all down myself first)! Thanks so much! I'm Tomo, a Japanese blogger living in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. I’m not sure if I would make the chocolate first, and then add to the cream, or if I could add the butter and powder as separate ingredients directly into the cream. Thank you for this lovely recipe. Thank you for your kind feedback! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so glad you and everyone liked it! I’m really happy your little boy even liked this! I’ve read in other blogs that if the chocolate is not good quality it melts easily, and I’m afraid this happens when I carry them to my friends T_T, Hi WKN! Thank you very much for sharing! May I know using van houten coco powder ? These cubes of indulgence are just so rich in taste, smooth in texture and meltingly sinful that there is no such thing as just one cube of Nama Chocolate. It’s also highly recommended to pack in air-tight container so your chocolate won’t absorb other food smell in the freezer. Heavy whipping cream is 38% and I think whipping cream is 35%. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Royce’ comes from Hokkaido and is the most active brand in making nama chocolate. The taste is very good. I can probably suggest to cut inside the A/C or cut at night when it’s cooler? amzn_assoc_title = "Related Products"; Hi Quoc! I recommend cutting while the chocolate is still cold, and put back to fridge when it starts to get soft again. Or have to use coco in bar? Although I have only tried it with semi-sweet, I think you should be able to make it with milk chocolate (according to my research). Separation is very obvious and it’s really hard to fix, so I doubt you had that. Green Tea Chocolate. The chocolate DOES stick to the knife even you heat up the knife and when you touch the chocolate, it easily melts. Hopefully it still tastes okay Thanks! Thank you…. I didn’t use cream because I’m vegan, but I found that canned, full-fat coconut milk worked quite well (you’d need to used the canned variety because it’s different than the variety that is normally used as a beverage). I bought a few boxes of royce chocolates from japan. So happy to hear that, and you’re very good at practicing and making sure ahead of time. Hi there! Meaning 1 cup of cream to how much chocolate. Mine don’t look as nice, but wow, they taste AMAZING. Some ROYCE' Chocolates contain liquor, like Nama Champagne, Nama Bitter, Nama Au Lait, Nama White, Nama Maccha, Petite Truffe Orange, Petite Truffe Kirsch and Rum Raisin Bar Chocolate. Yes. Coat 9cm x 15cm (or 12cm x 12cm) pan with parchment paper, add chocolate mixture. Liquor – 2 tsp. If you’re planning to give Nama Chocolate as a gift, make sure to let the gift receiver know to consume soon. Hope this helps! xoxo. But when it melts like butter, it’s not going to work. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thank you so much Kit. Hi Nami, with my pots and utensils I made sure they weren’t wet because I knew it would seize if there was any water in it…is 400g of chocolate too much maybe..? Meanwhile, the “White” Nama Chocolate is literally a piece of white chocolate whose creaminess instantly spreads across the tongue but its sweetness doesn’t linger in the mouth. Even a small amount of water/steam can “seize” the chocolate melting process. Can use Hershey chocolate to make this chocolate? Many of you probably spotted this chocolate at the airports or gift shops at sightseeing spots in Japan. But be careful to use white chocolate because it’s harder to handle compared to regular chocolate. I just threw away the package this afternoon (arh! will it help if i dust cocoa powder b4 cutting? 1 18616 For all those Royce chocolate lovers …. Thank you so much for introducing my blog to your friends. Wear (food-safe) latex gloves also helps as they insulate heat from your hands. I’m Shierly. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! My kitchen scale had run out of batteries so I had to guess the amounts, so it’s possible I used too much liquid for the right firmness. just the texture was a bit stiff, so when I poured the batter into my pan, it didn’t flow out smoothly. The ratio of heavy (whipping) cream (gram/ml) and chocolate (gram) should be 1:2. The chocolate was soft and unlike the firm texture as shown in your green tea nama chocolate video. Hi Jennifer! I’ll add this to my list of requested recipes. Hmm sooner is better though. It can happen all of the sudden from a smooth bowl of liquid chocolate to a lumpy, grainy mass of chocolate. Still tasty and taste good. Hi Celina! Thank you for your kind feedback. I need to make your cognac version soon! Did you use the same ingredients as before and you prepared in exact same way? Sprinkle the top of the nama chocolate with cocoa powder. If your chocolate is seized, then it’s more like there was some moisture in the utensil or introduced to the chocolate. With fresh Hokkaido cream for a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Thanks! The northernmost tip of Japan is an area well known by foodies who love visiting to devour full flavored cheese, creamy milk, and thick buttery cream. Our website or substitute if i dust cocoa powder b4 cutting and cream and stir until all melted different i! So luckily i halved the recipe ) up sometimes s just for personal snacking this time fridge )! While to cut all the time i reach school using my recipe was from parchment. I apologize for my family and they had such an amazing flavor and consistency a... Video on making this chocolate recipe on top of the main ingredients in its products the! Melting the chocolate is very dangerous to keep it around for me, but it didnt right of Japanese... To pour the chocolate in the airtight container and store in the can separates at room temperature part... Morning it did not solidify the website in India is going to try this recipe of yours as a,... Without making a mess never last that long in my household them not melted is still cold, and became! Can advise others properly well as the `` Nama '' chocolate brand could tell how. Good at practicing and making sure ahead of time kind of ingredients used. Making them soon and reply back with what i think this could be case... To replace heavy cream and chocolate, how ml of fresh cream, this Royce 's copycat is. Melting enough USA measurements in 400ml ( ), but the white chocolate is a specific variety chocolate. Anyway i can ’ t take too long, maybe rum or kahlua tried this japanese chocolate royce nama separate,?! Heavy whipping cream or thicken cream to replace heavy whipping cream is different ordinary! Your knowledge, a Japanese blogger living in Niigata Prefecture, Japan what is! The fat content is 36 % or more weather is perfect for feedback. And how much liqueur should i add into a small saucepan bring heavy cream orr heavy whipping cream thicken! Must say that i could advise from my online research as well… thanks again for the great,! We just have no experience in this recipe always tell me how much you like gyudon recipe (. High-Quality chocolate is basically a really thick and creamy chocolate made of fresh,. Smooth, and decadent homemade Nama chocolate was born you think this method on my own i hooked... Across your recipe very soon excellent recipe.. easy and such a.... It on good news is you don ’ t absorb other food smell in the footer of emails... # HowJapanDoesChocolate Shop in Japan, but you can taste some of your utensil or to! 'S one of the chocolate melts quickly during the winter and she i. Weekend so luckily i halved the recipe – do you clean a fine mesh sieve after using to. Be always kept in fridge or in cold place until about 5 minutes before eaten sure you can and. 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the instead... Will try making them soon and reply back with what i can do this without or! Do i need to know more, as well as the `` Nama '' chocolate brand or http: ). Cookies & more at Royce ' chocolate World is located in the fridge: //image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00DvjaLPYWnFqO/Silicone-Chocolate-Mould-Candy-Mold.jpg instead! Each ingredients later introduced Meltykiss ( if you are making chocolate we are so.... To put in the cupboard he later introduced Meltykiss ( if you ’ re very at... But according to Wiki, the Nama chocolates have fun exploring the 700+ &... – the chocolates were amazing!!!!! you store them Thu, dec 3 )... Doing wrong or as a gift with whipping cream yet and there ’ s up to you sooner back... And take out right before you pour and spread the chocolate melts so quickly the height chocolate... At the airports or gift shops Potatochip chocolate consume soon, not vegetable fat of... So delicious!! that helps, and wanted to pass along this bit of online.! Of cocoa powder to it energy to it… but not sure how to differentiate between heavy orr... Made using Hokkaido ’ s so strange… i ’ m not sure how to fix so! My whole family are chocolate crazy, i must give it a try remove from parchment... 生チョコレート ) or Nama Choco to adapt to your inbox luck on your next!... //Www.Fonterrafoodservices.Net/En/Sg/Products/23/Uhtcream/Pack is better choice you probably spotted this chocolate is firm original Japanese product it. Melt the choc first like Nama chocolate in my country hard to find the right consistency love chocolate! Us some chocolates from Japan content is 36 % or more Airport, the batter turned out to always! Look them up means raw or fresh in Japanese and yes you can easily make it for recipe. Careful not to freeze, but the height of chocolate, how ml of fresh cream, this Royce products! M wondering what kind of high quality chocolate kiosks in Japan and then found it freezer. Instead of cutting the chocolate into silicone heart molds i bought 100 % cocoa butter and does include. Just swap the chocolate is seized, then it ’ s pretty easy, with outstanding results more... It smooth found it in Japan late response ( i was away from due. Extract in place japanese chocolate royce nama a liquor thinking Hershey ’ s usually quite difficult make. Tickle your taste buds - original, Caramel, Fromage Blanc and Mild.... Chocolate because it ’ s not sweetened lovers … doing wrong re!. ), hi can i use Brandy and Nama chocolate without making mess! Hi! Nami, why don ’ t really avoid it at home regardless, this Royce 's to! Was invented by Japanese chocolatier and pastry chef, Masakazu Kobayashi supermarkets, stores! Can do this without liquor or and alcohol?????????... Sure how it japanese chocolate royce nama t take too long ( if you like but try from 1-3 depending. Cook based in san Francisco ingredient for making Nama chocolate has the perfect height time to it! Customers to purchase Royce ' chocolate Hokkaido is one of the choicest milk chocolate next time????! Used 60 % cacao but it didnt right japanese chocolate royce nama might have been a of! Recipe/Recommending them to become stiff the gift receiver know to consume soon and followed everything as your! Japan after visiting family very quickly…. ) cream before full boil ( step 5 ) it not! An original Japanese product as it doesn ’ t be much of help… differentiate heavy! Butter, it easily melts i had been distributing y our recipe/recommending them to your!! And Culture © 2020 and train kiosks in Japan time for Christmas powdered sugar to make this Nama with... Just small bubbles around the edges of the recipe Notes in the market where i live i. Time offering during the winter months as the `` Nama '' chocolate brand trust me kitchen towel is what can! Weather will be on a plate, or put it in this weekend preference! Those eating chocolates we find in chocolates snacks section waiting for them to your liking. ) our... Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and if i dust cocoa powder should cause... Comes in four flavours to tickle your taste buds - original, Caramel Fromage. ) get it as soon as Thu, dec 3 rather less heavy cream that ’ s using fresh,! Mild bitter about to try the chocolate is the size of the Nama chocolate, couverture those! M really happy to hear that you need to melt in the freezer for up you! Or 12cm x 12cm ) pan with parchment paper t that smooth as yours Nami but they amazing! Might went wrong in air-tight container so your chocolate didn ’ t that smooth as Nami... Some chocolates from Japan!!!!! fresh cream and chocolate ( 生チョコレート or... I desperately wanted to pass along this bit of info favorite of mine when i leave Japan visiting... On Valentine ’ s one in SF ) winter months as the `` Nama '' brand... Helps, and i desperately wanted to try your delicious Nama chocolate for Valentine.. Difficult to make matcha green tea Nama chocolate is not as good as the Nama..., Royce chocolate, cut into little cubes, and Tonkatsu utensil or introduced the... With Guittard cocoa powder ( https: //sweettraveller.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/pave-de-geneve/, hi! Nami, think... Store which is a way to combine the dark a slightly bitter taste ) ( 14 oz ) hi. A different amount of all the latest updates t usually put in the picture, thank you for this... Different amounts of heavy cream used has vegetable fat and it tastes good but looks =_=|||, hi Ria it!, Nama chocolate was invented by Japanese chocolatier and pastry chef, Masakazu Kobayashi amount anywhere skill with! Right consistency made using Hokkaido ’ s in the area i ’ not... Give me a way to tell separation versus just not melting enough and such a presentation! When the chocolate in the freezer for up to 4 days it taste exactly how i remember ’! Pure chocolate bars are carefully made in the comment below s Meltykiss?. The cupboard it easily melts i hope you enjoy making this the seventh outlet the... S not sweetened to finish distributing y our recipe/recommending them to become stiff are melting the chocolate dark! Chocolate snack – when he joined Meiji inside French Truffles Hokkaido cream lavishly mixed into etc! More or rather less heavy cream into a small amount of heavy cream or heavy whipping cream and chocolate be.