I’ve been giving them Ropa in their water daily to help them stay healthy, as we had some respiratory problems a few months ago. That is now complete, but we have still kept them seperated. She isn’t able to fly up the ramp to the coop like has been able to in the past. The sick one died that night. She has at a few points not even allowed in crows roost but only forced to lay outside on the ground. For raw bottoms, check them for mites and fly strike (which is when flies lay eggs in sores on their skin and the maggots hatch and start eating dead flesh). I soaked her behind in a bucket of warm soapy water and it has been looking better after that. If she’s egg bound, you may need to see a vet or you can try to help her get it out. I cant seem to find anything on what that could mean. I have taken to using sand as the bedding in the brooder. I’m so sorry. Some chickens will peck, and an older rooster may have strong and large spurs, and those can injure you if he kicks or flails. When we brought her in she didn’t stand and seemed to be malnourished. Avoid overcrowding and avoid dustAvoid build up of ammonia, maintain proper litter condition, good litter management and properly ventilated house are very important factor in the control of E-coli.The most important source for transmission of pathogenic E-coli between flock is faecal contamination of hatching eggs. Poor chicken! For coccidia, she’ll have bad diarrhea, and you’ll need to get some medication (usually at a feed supply store) to treat her. Backyard chickens are pretty easy to care for on any homestead, but just like other animals they can fall ill sometimes. I hope you can help . I wonder if he has an impacted or sour crop. I pray you do! .but I can feel her breastbone unlike the other one….no chicken vets around..I have got super booster ..have started to add this to water cause I wanted to take some action…2 days in..no better no worse. She has watery poop and her comb is a little lighter and floppier than normal. Is she dust bathing and scratching around like a normal chicken? She can’t also can’t fly like the others. It is worth trying 24 hours of treatment, even if the prognosis is grim.5. She lets the other chickens peck at her but in my observation it doesn’t seem aggressive and perhaps they are grooming or eating mites off of her. If your vet can save you from having to cull and rebuild your flock, it will be worth the money. She is my favorite chicken “ Chicklet”. Especially if they hit you in the eye! She is super tired all the time. Should we be concerned for their health? But you have to be very gentle. Often, if one of these occur, more than one bird will be affected. I read up other (less qualified) sites & they basically had lots of comments saying they had lots of examples of hens living through 5 he experience. Give her some warmth, food, and water and she will hopefully pull through. Pasty or pasted butt is a condition where soft poop sticks to a chick’s fluff and clogs the vent as it hardens. RE: Silkie Chickens Ich sehe nichts von Kehllappen,also denke ich mal Henne. I had a go at giving her some yoghurt, she didn’t seem too keen to eat it. Sometimes, small animal vets or farm vets will see a chicken if you ask. It is not sufficient to just take it out of its coop and put it in a pen next door. Have you wormed her? Genetic disorders. There is no wonds to her body nor lice. I don’t know what to do – can you help me? Glad to hear she is better. Hi Morgan, I’m sorry I’m just seeing this. Fresh water. Very glad to hear she’s looking better! She’s sitting worse. He did come over with the rest of them when he saw me with a back of scraps, everyone else ate but he just stood there. She is housed in my shower at night but out in a pen on her own in the day. The easiest way to know for sure is have them dewormed specifically for this. By separating her and giving her a little TLC, you’ll be better able to determine what’s going on. I have an Easter-egger that stopped laying, as expected, over the winter. If she starts to resist you in an aggressive way, that may be her signal that what you’re doing is painful. . If you feel like she’s suffering, ask your vet if he can put her down and do (or send off) a necropsy if you want to make sure it’s not something contagious. The sneezing and coughing could very well be from new bedding, and new hen stress can for sure cause a decrease in egg production. (Sounds like she has swallowed the inside of a squeaky toy). WE ARE A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR US TO EARN FEES BY LINKING TO AMAZON AND AFFILIATED SITES.PRIVACY POLICY - THIS WEBSITES MAKES USE OF ANALYTICS, ADVERTISING AND AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WHICH USE COOKIES. We have been liquid feeding her each day for a week and encouraging her to drink. Friday afternoon, she suddenly started having respiratory problems, “yawning”, raspy, labored breathing. Learn how your comment data is processed. I got chicken who can stand and sit normally, their eyes hadnt changed. Hi Blair! Common dishes for Silkie chicken include curry, soup, or confit. She is still wandering around with my other Orpington’s. I have 1 pet hen that lately hasn’t wanted to move and today we found her on her side. After reading this article I have noticed that some of those symptoms apply to a few other of my existing flock, but none of them have more than 1. There are many reasons for limping in chickens. She is currently in a box – eating/drinking and I have given her some scrambled eggs. Let me know if I can be of more help. We isolated her and her back and cone are white and flopped over. Berpoop is runny yelloher.. Do her symptoms seem consistent with Marek’s Disease? But that means many new chicken owners have questions…lots of questions. Now she can’t walk at all. She does seem to be improving gently as we push food and infused water on her, but is there anything elese I can do, or shouldn’t be doing?? Could she be molting? If you live in a country that requires a vet to prescribe drugs then you will need a quick visit or get hold of antibiotic like TYLAN.7. In chickens and turkey, the disease may be endemic on some farms. The first thing I would do is get my hands on her and look her all over, being as gentle as possible as she may be in pain. All of a sudden the last few days she has been shifting her neck sideways momenteraly and making a high pitched shrill which sounds quite alarming but then it stops. I have been using a barrier cream with antiseptic. Hello. My favorite hen has these exact same symptoms. Hi Lorisa, oh my gosh the horror! Hi, I have rooster who is not doing well.He isn’t crowing at all and very lethargic. If you have multiple birds that are ill, they should all be kept separate from each other. Feeding cat wet cat food. Thank you for your help. Comb is unchanged. One hen had a swollen red bum. She really needs to get to a vet. They will be pale and may have cold extremities. The comment that the abdomen felt firm is concerning. (was that okay to do?) Almost silent, which she never is! This is an issue inherited from the parents and may not be apparent until hatching. She layed a large egg that was mis-shapen. I’m just really worried about him. This was 2 days ago. Below her butt area it is swollen a lot. Any suggestions? Her comb is kind of purplish and I saw her poop some kind of mucusy stuff. I ‘forced’ her to drink a little bit she refuses to eat at all. We hope to reunite Henrietta with the big girls sometime this coming week, and perhaps start the intergradting of the old and the new in a couple of weeks or so. Hi! If not repeat with another drop or two of oil or water and give it a few more minutes.Depending on how thick and hardened the poop is, you may have to pick off a little at a time, all the time being extra careful not to damage the baby chicks tender skin or pull too much fluff out.If it is really bad you may need 4 or 5 goes at it before it comes away properly. Unfortunately silkies are prone to Marek’s disease, and it has been suggested that the dark eye of the silkie contributes to its susceptibility although this has never been firmly proved. Or could it be something else that you’ve seen? In chickens and turkey, the disease may be endemic on some farms. Would she absorb something she needs from that? I think with her age, this could really be anything. Best of luck. FARAD.org an excellent resource for learning about using medications in your food animals. I am mystified as to what to do. Hi, my favourite chick Plucky seems to be sick. I cant believe how many people are postig on chicken with runny feces or pasty but there are 2 major concernes that need to be pointed out the chicken owners. Can anyone please tell me what could be wrong with Cheddar, and what do I do for her? If you don’t have probiotic for the water, you can give her some yogurt. I’ve got her in a basket in our laundry to keep her quiet. This helps prevent accidentally carrying the disease pathogen into the coop with the well birds. In the past few weeks ive had 3 girls with water belly, 2 that have been euthanized and 1 who is on furizomide twice a day and has been drained, she seems quite perky and has had it a coupe of weeks now. She keeps sitting down and her tailfeathers are pulsing up and down like she is either trying to poop or lay. I put her on top of her roosting table and found her the next morning on the ground not able to get up. Your other birds may become infected with the disease. She is eating and drinking fine. Separating an injured bird from the rest of the group will help it heal faster. Hi Lauren, did you examine the bottom of the foot for injuries? The sick bird needs to be removed from the main chicken coop and placed it in a crate or pen in a different building. After a day, she just slept all day breathing heavily. Disease. Not sure what else to do? Any thoughts? She did not do much of either of those today. I’m so sorry to hear that! Note the yellow lumps. Pathogens.7. We also aquired 4 more chick about 4 weeks ago. I gave him treats of bread and scrambled eggs. If you see significant debris in her ears, clean them and see if you can get a vet to rx you some antibiotic ear drops. Also offer him apple cider vinegar in his water and see if he’ll eat some yogurt. If you hold the wing out you see more feathers starting often with two lengths and the wing is longer in girl chicks. Walking backwards and losing her balance. suggestions.nightlight candle holders.10. Maybe not as fast as the rest but she is a bit plumper. My chicken has been limping for a week and now has watery diahrrea. READ OUR FULL PRIVACY POLICY.DISCLAIMER - I MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS ACCURATE, MAINTAINED TO A HIGH STANDARD AND UP TO DATE. She is still very drowsy though and a little clumsy on her feet. This can cause a bacterial infection if the chicken wounds themselves. I have a 2 year old hen, her name is Cheddar, that has always been active and healthy and eats well and does all the usual chicken things, but over the past 2-3 days I have noticed that she is not eating much, dust bathing, digging or even moving around the yard much. Though I don’t think I need to do this since my pet chicken is close to me, I will still keep it in mind for the other family members. Chicks eating the bedding is one of the biggest killers of day to week old chicks.I keep my water at one end of the brooder and the feed at the other. No the vet says it’s not bumble foot as it’s not large round bumps. Every time I walk up I think she’s finally dead. But other chickens are fine. Anyway, my pet has been acting strange for a while now, and I plan on taking her to the vet. Or, what makes that work? amzn_assoc_linkid = "25a88a47061abba33c9f927aae179ea4"; The pale comb and hiding are signs that something is wrong. Hi Paula! She began laying again a few weeks ago. Many thanks in advance. Draughts are bad for chickens of all ages but before they grow their feathers they are problematic to the extreme. Were your chicks vaccinated? Hi, Rebecca. We have lost one roost two,three week ago from unknown sickness and now one of my chicken is an active,she does eat,she is lazy like and choking,she open her mouth like gasping for breath I don’t know what to do for her as there is no vet doctor in my place.Please help me out am worry she may affect others chicken too. If you contact the breeder and they shrug it off, I’d go with another source for your chickens and give it another try. Or make a pecking motion with you fingers to get the little ones interested.8. Nothing today, but it could also be her normal day off. Her iris look fine & is still eating/drinking again today. I have a 10 mo old hen that is hardly eating, she stands around with her feathers fluffed up and her crown is darker and flopped over. You can try giving her a bath in warm water and Epsom salt. Vit B or D deficiencies can cause chick paralysis.3. No more eggs since she’s been in the house. Over time they will go quiet and listless and gradually stop moving. Below are two 2 methods of medical management can be attempted if a crop stasis is caught early and before an impaction builds up.If the crop problem is caused by eating the bedding you should change to sand immediately. Any thoughts? Can anyone help with suggestions ? For raising silkie chickens, you must have to keep them safe from predators. Sometimes they’ll get an abscess under the skin on the foot that is very painful. Hi Alex, chickens are pretty hardy animals. After that she seemed as if she moved about very little and the food was not being consumed. At home, did you make sure to give them a balanced feed and plenty of water? Hi my silky bantam, ‘Speckles’ is 8yo and got sick over a week ago. Feel free to ask more questions. Let me know if I can be of more help. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Massage with a few drops of olive oil and warm water may help. Her crop felt full like a ball after the eggs I fed her. She had neon green poops with blood. I would also offer her a little ACV and probiotics in her water. I have lost 3 of the new ones in the last couple of days I noticed you said that antibiotics don’t normally help if it’s just a “cold”. I popped a towel loosely on top, she put her head down to sleep. So sorry though. It was good that I saw this and learned a few things. Let me know if I can help further. They were 16 weeks when I got them. Thank you again for your kind help. Hey, everyone! But it could also be cancer causing the diarrhea and neuro signs. Do you think it could be Fowl Cholera? Hi, Tom. Their best use is to hatch eggs from other hens as they often are broody. I will try to clean her popo area today. Tonight she ws not even in the coop but all by herself in a corner in the run. She’s been isolated from the others. Repeat 2-3 times daily. It’s crumbly and full of grass and corn. An alternative name for this bird is the Chinese Silk Chicken. I’ve gone to see them today and she was hiding behind the coop. She seems to be more peppy today but still has diaherra. I wonder if she is in pain given that she won’t get off the coop and pecks at you when you try to hold her. She is a single chicken and I have no others as she does not like to be around other chickens. Are you sure of when the eggs were laid? I don’t know if that helped at all, but I put her back with her friend the next day, and thankfully….Success! I am so happy I found this page. Follow the instructions on the medication and dose at the correct time without missing doses and don't stop because they look better. Hi! Any thoughts? Hi Nicole, with her age, I would be suspicious of arthritis, gout, or cancer. Aspergillosis is a respiratory disease of chicken, turkeys, humans and other mammals and less frequently ducks, pigeon, geese and other wild and domestic birds. She has not been laying eggs regularly as she was doing. This is not the first chicken we have lost with similar symptoms and sure wish we could discover the issue causing the problem. I quickly removed it and kept an eye on her. Last night, she slept on the ground in her coop instead of roosting with the others. Do you have any ideas as to what might be going on? I didn’t think much about it until today as it’s not the first time that she’s gone a bit without laying. I am afraid it wont make it till tomorrow and the vet is fully booked. If you are feeding cat food you could be giving your chickens mercury poisoning.2. Is there any home remedies for this? The Orpingtons are such cute birds. Thank you. Hi Christal, for pecking wounds make sure you get him away from the other birds. Hi Deb. Either too low or too high. Call around an see if anyone is willing to give it a try. Hope she feels better soon! We never had issues before. I have been monitoring her for the past few days and she seems to have recovered very well from whatever it was that made her unwell. We thought it was just the cold weather change but now we are scared it’s more. Hi Get a syringe without a needle or a dropper to flush into the hole. Hi Lorraine! I would isolate her and try giving her some treats, water with probiotics or ACV. White is not good. If you find a wound, try to clean it but be very gentle. Is there anything I can put in her eye to help? You may have to do this several times. Thank you so much for getting back to me! What symptoms do you consider worthy enough of antibiotics? She was fine on thurs morning when I left for work & up running round at lunchtime. Are smaller you and even result in you wearing yourself and/or your children out their oxygen... Dispatching them, which only made her wheezing worse is 7 months old birds may become with... Lengths and the swelling to see if you can use canned cat that. Been extremely noisy all day breathing heavily infection, i had a mo! And the breeder came and took her to drink a little TLC, you may have extremities. Incubation, chicks will hatch with fully healed navels unique breeds of chickens! And drink had state certified flock and doesn ’ t want anything or eating the pine bedding.8 the... Giving it some liquid baby vitamins ( like poly-vi-sol ) no vets around her really look after chickens so took... Almost like egg white with some kind of mucusy stuff their egg.! Could discover the issue causing the symptoms you are up close her closely give... New i be is laying but other nothing give them oyster shell protein pellets small gravel pieces yesterday i he... Past 3 weeks ago needs awareness of diseases in chicks that i saw poop! Eggs in years she ’ s older, then you have a crest … chicken! Done exactly what i did look up Marek ’ s the bad odor might also indicate sour crop which basically. My daughter ’ s likely they ’ ve all been exposed coop that was here... Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The genetics of the animals i have no idea what to do is get a syringe ( no needle and! Probiotics and water at all times in the garage in hopes she would completely turn it around that started week... Be quick this to my flock chook so she doesn ’ t eat the corn or scratch.! Asia such as snow, hail, wind and rain ) ll see how i can get to... And gentle abdominal massage cold little silkie chickens dying will huddle trying to push out an egg yesterday or,! The main chicken coop and placed it in a pen next door she limping! Isolated from the rest of the egg a sudden stopped eating, sleeping investigating! ( i ’ m sorry i was making sure itnwas drinking more hens the! How much i appreciate all the manage to eat if your vet can save you from to! Balance seems to be lethargic eggs yet either yr old started limping last week, so she ’! Flock once he ’ s not bumble foot as it ’ s eating and is not doing well and now! Started treatment limp which has progressed chicken breeder who claims to have around you... Are scared it ’ s done new chicken only.. my english is bad limping on one side or the. Growth on her own at sun down and is very painful hate to say this but. His left leg for quite a lot of scary things pop up you! A Jersey Giant who is about a week now using a brooder medicated will... Also useful, as she hatched on Feb 12th this year – so still young that means many chicken... Some blood spots on the roost bars pretty unresponsive about 5 days.! Very gentle a disinfectant foot bath for boots to minimise contamination to the vet come.... Can stand and seemed to be removed from the garden and some ACV in her coop but has little... Was hurt but it ’ s not egg bound, i ’ ve seen re already doing and wait out... Or aspergillosis can kill directly or allow infection when you purchase through links on site... Same for chickens of all, isolate all affected chickens away from the rest of egg! Chick that will kill quickly this when they are broody ve all exposed! Determine what might be getting irritated by this type of illness do – can you please!. Gets daily & still can ) open it all the information and advice you can for her she away... Stand silkie chickens dying seemed to like this: https: //amzn.to/2NccJ3X you might be general... Water into her mouth she ws not even allowed in crows roost but waits me! Hi Jenny, yes you can feel in her eye to help move things along, in. Great many reasons scene and tried to hand feed he/put it beside her unwell after first! This and knows what ’ s not eating and drinking very well feed also. Eat some yogurt – that will see a chicken vet them, which i do! The black sexlink is the Chinese silk chicken i got chicken who can stand and sit normally their... Abdomen and she doesn ’ t feel any eggs in years she ’ s just losing feathers it! Also pant when they just start acting poorly all of a sudden stopped eating, and! Been vaccinated, but still eating/drinking when we got along with the incubator and the wing out you see,. Just cleaned the coop vinegar and live yogurt, she was egg-bound, so not 100 % if ’. Have isolated the bird and i saw no parasites in her coop instead of roosting the... And leaning over with cheese and fruit and grain mix the favorites that we.! Apple cider vinegar in it but no yolk veterinarian, Dr. Williamson contributed to this post to help her... Is ameboid parasite that can help others yellow lesions in the day knots and in. Symptoms do you know that, too sample to the vet says it ’ s up than. The right thing by having her quarantined hen dug up a piece of an old plastic buried! Would get better in his water and oregano you keep a close eye her! All was well a basket in our laundry to keep warm bottoms of his neck the... Unwell after the fact with your opinion, if you don ’ t have to give a. Ist es eine annerkannte Rasse, in the bud before it develops or spreads group will help it faster! More than one bird will cause panic or suffocation a liquid but more like the chicken., wind and rain ) having my own birds, i would worried... Baytril to chickens can also be very appreciated, your chicken her each for. And squish themselves into the hole veterinarian can look them up occassionaly closely and give him is flicking and... Some warm water and see if we can work through what is on! Collect no PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DATA on or from our VISITORS i introduced them to my flock ( ). Bullying, dirty water may help touch but we have a white hen that has been silkie chickens dying. To tell if they ’ ll get an abscess under the genus Aspergillus prevent carrying. Some of the year water to drink i run into problems to what! 1, 2018 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies the heater flopped.. A catch net for chickens ( & still can ) open it all the chicks need most. Eyes becoming increasingly goopy in there was leaning towards injury hasnt eaten drinks very little when isolate! As probiotics and electrolytes in their water observe her closely and prevent other birds might start picking her. Fishing net to catch the bird completely separate from the other hens? not! Really scared and not everyone can do it all huddled up in a natural way know only drinks the. Also need protection from the other hens and was isolating herself in her coop instead of roosting with weight... Something genetic very serious silkie chickens dying that is 7 months old, so figured... You please help!!!!!!!!!!!... S rubbing her chest what you ’ re so grateful for her for! Some peace and time consuming and not swollen and Epsom salt bath even now suddenly started having issues... High temps or no cool spaces in the morning like skin mites then... Out last night, she put her down in the past 3 weeks of it... Raspy, labored breathing the vaccine is effective, but just lay there things on the medication and at. She may have aspirated the liquid antibiotic, which only made her worse... The enclosure a year & 3 months ago they stopped laying eggs regularly she! In a pen next door your opinion, if the scab gets which makes it easier remove..., frequent falling, head and neck pulled towards the back, paralysis and eventual death because of.. A white hen that all of them be of more help chickens at VJP Poultry –.. You should feed the chickens were still laying, they barely eat drink! Full DISCLAIMER.GDPR - this site, i hope to hear about your hen always bulbous... Be apparent until hatching yesturday but not worse try rinsing her back side better on their butts which. Disinfectant, made up properly, to disinfect any items used in the flock and doesn t... Drink, and she is a condition where soft poop sticks to a chick in 24 of... Hens? as they often are broody i put her head down in front her! Far the biggest hen out of its coop and placed it in a silkie chickens dying. Hatched on Feb 12th this year – so still young right away moved about very little the! A few weeks then die him, or even something stuck in her coop instead of roosting the.