109. A sour dough starter is usually the remains of the fermented dough batch from the previous day. If the dough is under-neutralized, the steamed bread has a sour smell and taste, small volume, poor appearance and a dense structure. It also affects bread volume and spread. In this respect steamed bread is more nutritious than baked bread. If the dough is over-neutralized, the steamed bread will become yellow or dark in colour with a strong alkaline flavour. Stir in the … In generally we love sweet, soft and golden brown bread … Flours used for making steamed bread have variable quality characteristics because each steamed bread type requires its own specific flour quality. Steamed breads have now become a popular item in many Chinese restaurants in North America. It should also have a fine and uniform grain cell size and pattern. The yeast gets added to the rest of the ingredients in the mixer all at once. I used a standard loaf pan and a 9-inch round cake pan. dough method (C) Straight dough method, Tab. Super versatile, delicious, and most importantly of all EASY, One more “raving” is much appreciated, Claudia, thank you so much for trying our recipes :-). Savoury fillings include chopped vegetables, minced meat and seafood, or a combination of these ingredients. It is said to have originated in China during the Han Dynasty, over 1,500 years ago. Dedicated to preserving disappearing recipes and traditions, her specialty is all things traditional, from mooncakes to home-style stir-fries. The main differences between Asian and European steamed bread are the higher amount of salt added to the western version and the use of fat (Tab. In the evaluation of the product itself, specific volume (mL/g) is often considered an important quality parameter because the larger specific volume is more favourable. Desirable crumb is white, moist and springy. The yeast gets added to the rest of the ingredients in the mixer all at once. Factors such as brands purchased, natural variations in fresh ingredients, etc. After the hour of proofing, put the dough back in the mixer and stir for another 5 minutes to get rid … I use this recipe for charsiu buns, coconut buns, and even pizza rolls one time. From the comments, I can see that I’m yet another person raving about this recipe! 197 : Outline I used store-brand AP However, in the past two decades steamed bread has been mass-produced as more and more people prefer the convenience of commercial products. of Chinese steamed bread making procedures (A) Sour dough method (B) Sponge and 194). Cover the bowl with a damp towel and place in a warm spot for 1 hour. The flour starch damage level is often controlled at below 8%, because damaged starch causes sticky texture and accelerates starch retrogradation during storage. Steamed bread should be springy and can rebound after compressing. Hi Yumi, please adjust the baking rack so the bread is in the middle of the oven during baking. To achieve the desired eating quality and good appearance, protein content varies according to the steamed bread type. Tab. However, this empirical way of judging the optimum proofing time lacks consistency. affecting Chinese steamed bread quality, Tab. Doubling this recipe: For best results, I recommend making two separate batches of dough. The evaluation of steamed bread usually includes processing performance, volume, external characteristics, internal characteristics, eating quality, and flavour. Fit the dough hook … With the other half of the dough, I cut it into eight equal pieces and rolled them with my hands into 8-inch long pieces. There’s no strictly right or wrong way to achieve the knot. The percentage of flour used for steamed bread is 5 - 15% in other parts of Asia, and it is increasing rapidly in some Asian countries such as the Philippines. If you’re in a humid climate and the dough is too sticky, feel free to add a little more bread flour, 1 tablespoon at a time until it comes together. In Germany (particularly the south), Austria and the Czech Republic, they are traditionally served as a dessert or a sweet main course, with stewed fruit, jam, sugar, cinnamon and other spices. I made it for our Thanksgiving rolls this year and they were a hit–so fluffy yet chewy, wonderful flavor, and looked impressive to boot. Cocktail Bun (雞尾包) Chinese Coconut Bun | Oh My Food Recipes of dough composition for Chinese and European steamed bread. Steamed bread has been considered a staple food in northern China, just like baked bread in the diet of the western countries. Other countries in the region are experiencing a similar trend. Secondly, steamed bread loses its flavour and physical and eating quality once it has been re-steamed. Homemade Chinese Noodles: Recipe Instructions. TheWoksofLife.com is written and produced for informational purposes only. Farinograph stability time is a good indication of dough strength. α-amylase, hemicellulase, lipases and oxidases, improve the dough handling properties and result in larger volume yield (chapter. Steamed bread is white in colour and has a soft, shiny surface. Once shaped, let the dough proof for another hour. We love sharing information and experience in understanding wheat flour. Our team consists of experts in flour analysis and technology experts. Asian Sweet Bread (Hong Kong Pai Bao, Hokkaido Milk Bread): I am so happy to share this recipe with you. Mantou (馒头) is a basic staple in northern part of China and served in every places of China not just the northern part. If the dough is too strong it cannot be processed optimally into a tightly rolled cylinder. 197). The starter must be thoroughly mixed with water before being added to the flour to  prepare the dough. As a result, the method is quite sensitive to process timing between batches in commercial production. Add a beaten egg and beat in the softened butter. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar and raisins in a bowl. I used 1% milk since that’s what I had on hand, but you can use 2% or whole milk. Just so you know, you can use a bread maker to make the dough for this recipe, but I’d recommend that you proof the dough separately, because bread maker’s proofing setting is too hot for this bread. Hi! The poor quality steamed bread has a shrunken top that is usually caused by excessive gluten strength. Typical sweet fillings include various bean pastes mixed with sugar. Has fewer calories than regular flour. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and place in a warm spot for 1 hour. Both the southern type and Taiwan type contain sugar, shortening, and sometimes baking powder, all of which are absent from the northern type. The dough volume is approximately 21 - 22 mL. Brush the risen dough with egg wash. Bake the loaves for 23-25 minutes. Start by adding the bread flour and salt to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a … I’d like to make a square loaf of bread similar to the ones they sell at the Chinese bakery. Filled steamed bread is now called steamed buns (baozi; Fig. It is less sweet than the southern type and less chewy than the northern type. Cake flour has the lowest protein content of all flours at 5 to 8 percent. A flour of high amylase content tends to produce steamed bread with a sticky texture. Sheeting has a great impact on skin smoothness and crumb structure. As pointed out previously, proofing conditions are one of the critical control points in steamed bread production. I like to use bread flour to make bread because the bread texture is better and soft. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To borrow a line from Ina Garten, “how easy was that?”. Tab. Because of this, … The main specifications are flour protein, ash and wet gluten content, and also Farinograph dough mixing properties. In the meantime, grease two baking vessels on all sides with butter. It’s best to stick with bread flour, but you can try half whole wheat flour and half bread flour (or all-purpose flour). The dough sheet is then rolled into a long cylindrical shape either by hand or by machine, divided into pieces of a specified weight (100 - 130 g), and formed into a pillow-like or round shape as desired. With the other half of the dough, cut it into eight equal pieces and make buns. 105 lists some basic flour specifications for the three types of steamed bread. If you can’t find bread flour or high-gluten flour, dumpling flour is a good substitute as it is commonly sold in many supermarkets (in fact, it is really about the only flour I’ve seen carried everywhere) Self-rising flour 自发粉 (zifa fen) My cousin told me that she’d been making this bread for years: two loaves a week. If the flour protein is too low, steamed bread lacks a good bite and often becomes sticky. Use this dough to make steamed filled buns ( baozi or bao ), unfilled steamed buns ( mantou ), baked Chinese cocktail buns, and other basic Chinese bun recipes Hello thank you so much for sharing your recipes! bananas, cinnamon, light brown sugar, baking powder, salt, canola oil and 6 more. The first is its tolerance to a flexible fermentation schedule from batch to batch, and the second is that this process gives steamed bread a fine cell structure and well developed flavour. Moreover, the grain structure of the finished product is not as fine as that of the sponge and dough method and the steamed bread lacks the characteristic flavour derived from traditional methods. The traditional northern steamed bread, eaten as a main meal by the people in the north of China, used to have a very chewy and elastic bite. The flour is mostly prepared from European bread wheat, comparable to weak hard wheat varieties. The use of shortening not only modifies the texture of the bread but also reduces the amount of water added in the formula. 106). Steaming gelatinizes the starch and influences appearance and eating quality. As in western bread making, an emulsifier improves the crumb grain texture and slows down starch retrogradation. The resulting hydroperoxides oxidize flour pigments in turn. However, each type of steamed bread has certain ranges for specific volume due to differences between formulas. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. To make the pastry, sieve the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Do you think the oven temp and time would change for a loaf pan with a lid? Nevertheless, the present steamed bread process has certain limitations. Flour improvers, particularly oxidizing agents and enzymes, are gaining increasing importance as the demand for flour with constant high level performance increases. Within the ingredient source, the sugar addition level appears to be very important in modifying steamed bread volume and texture. See also. My first attempt at making mantou and they came out perfectly delicious.. Chewy, soft and fragrant. Asian Sweet Bread is a staple in all Asian bakeries. bread is a common staple food in Chinese households. The fluffy and perfect texture is just like the Chinese bakeries back home. There are many other creative ways to use this great milk bread recipe. The common types of steamed bread weigh about 30 - 120 g and are either pillow-like or round in shape (Fig. Nowadays, "steamed bread" always means unfilled bread (called mantou). Judy is the mom of The Woks of Life family. Many other ingredients such as sugar, shortening, baking powder, salt, alkaline salts and emulsifiers are often included by manufacturers to improve the quality of finished products or extend the product lines (Tab. Fig. Ltd.), Tab. Remove from the oven to a cooling rack and brush the buns with sugar water to give them a really great shine, sweetness, and color. Chinese Bread Flour Here is the top choice of other clients purchasing items related to chinese bread flour. Combine the flour, salt, sugar and instant yeast in a bowl of a stand mixer. The process steps include mixing of the sponge, fermentation, dough mixing, sheeting, moulding, dividing, proofing, and steaming. The estimated water addition level in steamed bread is 75 - 80% of the flour's Farinograph water absorption, depending on the steamed bread type. In this method, 25 g of steam bread dough is filled into a 45 mL plastic centrifuge tube (3 cm in diameter). Within the categories "process quality" and "product quality" there are a number of evaluation items. But before I do, I am eager to share this super easy milk bread recipe with you so you can enjoy the fruits of my (mostly unnecessary) labor. Mantou … These dough pieces are rounded by hand and left to rest for 10 min in the fermentation cabinet (32 °C and 82% RH). One of the key steps in manufacturing a good quality steam bread is to control its proofing process. The bread is soft and pillow-y and just melts in … You’ll want to make the whole recipe which yields two loaves because one loaf will disappear in no time. For more choices, check out our full list of Chinese Bread Flour or use the search box. Use the dough hook attachment, and turn on the mixer to “stir.” Let it go for 15 minutes, occasionally stopping the mixer to push the dough together. We’re Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin– a family of four cooks sharing our home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes. 105 : Basic After the hour of proofing, put the dough back in the mixer and stir for another 5 minutes to get rid of air bubbles. All enzymes mentioned above also improve crumb softness (due to larger volume and finer pore walls) and intermediate heat-stable amylases are even able to reduce the staling rate. Dump the dough on a lightly floured surface, and cut it in half. dough makes slightly sweet, light, and fluffy buns. Chinese steamed bread is a fermented wheat flour product that is cooked by steaming in a steamer. It’s should be round in shape with nothing poking out when you’re done. Not only is this the absolutely closest recipe I’ve tried to the real deal Asian milk bread you find in Chinese grocery stores and Chinatown bakery shops, it’s actually remarkably easy. The dough is fermented for 3 h at 26 - 28 °C and 75% relative humidity (RH). With the mixer running, pour the yeast mixture in and allow to incorporate. High-protein flour generally results in a firm-texture product, but it often causes wrinkles on the skin because of excessively strong dough properties. Enzymes from microbial sources, e.g. Hua Juan, or Flower Rolls, are a very popular variation on steamed buns in the more northern regions of China. A typical formula specifies: medium protein hard wheat low extraction patent flour, 100%; instant yeast, 1%; baking powder, 3%; salt, 1.5%; sugar, 14%; shortening, 7%; and water, 48% (variable). I made a loaf with one half of the dough by cutting it into 3 pieces and placing them in the loaf pan. Pretty close to plain flour / all purpose flour. If you’re in a humid climate and the dough is too sticky, feel free to add a little more flour 1 tablespoon at a time until it comes together. Mixing helps gluten development. 刪除 My dearest grandma 奶奶 used to make basketfuls of these basic chinese steamed buns, known as Mantou 饅頭, and feed them to us hungry children day in and day out, filling our hungry growing tummies with this sweet fluffy bread. Flour milled from a sound wheat (Falling Number more than 300 s) is necessary for making good quality steamed bread. The amount added is usually about 0.5% of the flour weight. The dough will grow to 1.5X its original size. cornflour. Steamed bread can have firm bite or soft bite depending on whether it is northern type or southern type. Evaluation criteria for each processing step are described in Tab. Personally I like to use Bosch bread mixer to make the dough because it mixes the dough better and well. The northern-type steamed bread has the simplest formula containing only flour, water, and yeast.