Artist: Usher Album: 8701. ohhh iiii ohhhh iiiiii ohhhhhhh iiiiiiiii Living on the edge, out of control, and the world just wont let me slow down, But in my biggest picture, was a photo of you and me. Help me, can you help me? (Letra e música para ouvir) - Doctor, do you have something for an aching heart / Do you have anything to stop me falling apart / Stop me falling apart / Can you, prescribe me with You can't hide your message in a bottle Then say you've said it loud And say that you prostrate yourself Whilst trying to stand proud The curse of knowing more than most Is knowing you know nothing at all, The curse of rising up so high, Is knowing how far you might fall. Can't Help Me Lyrics: Sorry that I've been livin' in my head / Holdin' onto words I ain't said yet / I'm bitter, sorry, I just can't see / You with someone that isn't me / You should know I've been Baby, help me Without you, my whole world is falling apart And without you, girl, I’m going crazy Life’s like prison when without your love Can you help me? Can you help me to believe? Girl you know I tried, I work hard to provide all that material things Help me, can you help me? Girl you know I'd love to know your name but I don't have the lines Unfortunately we're taught baby oh so tastelessly oh How could I waste your time Everybody knows girl I'm so in love with you It's no mystery Ooh, I just want to be your lover baby Forever naturally So tell me girl, Can you help me… Everybody knows, oh oh How bad I want you girl Some people say, yay yay yay My mind is in another world Now baby won't you please please baby Let me give you all my love Cause I'm so afraid naturally Cause your heaven sent from above So tell me girl, Can you help me? "Can You Help Me" is a song written and performed by American contemporary R&B musician Jesse Johnson, issued as the second single from his debut studio album Jesse Johnson's Revue. Baby can you help me? I can't believe all the stupid things I'm saying now Either I've shaken the world off my back or I've gone senile And I thought your love was just a great big lie Now loving you is the only thing that's gonna get me by Help me, yeah, to believe? Would you help me Tell me what you want from me Can you help me Tell me why you want to leave Baby help me (Cause) without you my whole world is falling apart And I'm gone I'd go crazy Life's a prison when your in love alone I need you to come back home I don't want to be alone Girl I put your love up on a shelf And I guess I just left you … Things ain't feelin' like they used to We're like strangers in our own home Wishin' that would change Don't wanna place a blame Just wanna find a way to bring you back again Which road should we take We can turn this around Before its too late don't wanna be a mistake baby Can You Help Me Lyrics. Help me, can you … Can You Help Me Lyrics. Tell me why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why Can you help me? Lyrics for Can You Help Me by Jesse Johnson. I don't remember much but some lyrics are :" You closed me out so I can't see through Why you make me so undone " Then in the second verse : " I don't know what became of me Closed you out and i lost the key Why you make me so undone " And then the last lyrics are : " Look at what I've become " Thank you Abbey Glover - Can You Help Me? The song peaked at #3 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1985.