Hi mark.. Im indonesian, but actually im jealous of you, hhh.. Im not eating all that food yet.. interested ??? Please feel free to contact me when you are in Bogor. _load_script(trackcmp_url); Medan foods is one of the best. Haha your expression is so on the point. I’ve been to Bali a few times but haven’t always understood what all the dishes were at Warungs and have tended to stick with gado gado and Nash goreng. by the way, east java has unique foods, especially “petis”…. Lately I enjoyed more foreign culinary whenever I eat out with my wife (even though there’s nothing wrong with that). return new_tooltip; i have a food list you must try . I recommend you to try Gudeg in my hometown, Yogyakarta. The menu called Tepi Sawah Crispy Duck, it is basically half a duck, served with rice, curried long beans (you can ask to exchange it with plecing kangkung), and 3 kinds of sambal; Sambal Goreng (my favorite), Sambal Terasi, and Sambal Matah. Mark, I shouldn’t be watching your videos or reading your blog when I’m studying abroad in Germany–it makes me miss home so much! var elem = allInputs[i]; 1. } Hi Vito, thank you very much, appreciate your support. 3. i’m indonesian and i havent even had a couple of the things on your list. Although jengkol beans, which grow in a pod, are commonly eaten throughout Southeast Asia, and a delicacy in Indonesia (and I have to admit that I really love them) they are potentially poisonous due to their jengkolic acid. Also some food stalls that sells bebek goreng here have coconut powder (which I really really loved). err ? If you say 5, so the will make sambal with just 5 piece of chilli. Anyway, I’m from Surabaya! I had a small sample of tempoyak before, but not very much, so I would love to try more. I would love to visit Surabaya on my next trip to Indonesia. You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic var form_submit = function(e) { Cheers. Hmm, i think you should try to eat eastern java food. good job! i am a big fans of you since a few years ago. Fyi, one of the the food court at my office serving ayam gepuk, fried chicken with schallot sambal. I know CNN’s reputation in politics, but it now seems that they’re doing the same thing in gastronomy. The Indonesia archipelago is spread over the Pacific “Ring of Fire” that is situated in the Western Pacific. Stay healthy ^_^. the important point is, i hope many young Indonesian people see your video in youtube and read your blog, so they can appreciate more about traditional Indonesian cuisine and not too get influence by fast food factory. Enter your email and I'll send you the best travel food content. My family said i’m crazy when everytime i’m comparing Gulai Otak and Pannacotta lol lol lol. Mark you should try Bebek Bumbu RW they sell it some Halal Manado Restos instead of the dog meat they use bebek or chicken,The spices and hearbs are cooked into the meat,There used to be a Manado resto That sell it in a Manado resto Kelapa Gading,Bebek is the best if its coooked in a rica rica style. It’s an honour to read and watch all of your writing and videos. Keep exploring .

for (var i = 0; i < allInputs.length; i++) { Cant wait for your next trip. + serialized + '&jsonp=true'); addEvent(window, 'scroll', resize_tooltips); Next time I’m in Jakarta I’m going to head straight for the gule kambing you’ve mentioned, that sounds amazing. Have you tried the famous fried chicken in jakarta called “ayam goreng berkah” ? what do you think of spicy food around the world? Next time I eat rawon I will try to have it. The Bakhmi Rica in Bandung is sooo Gooooddd????????????. Indonesia is known for being megadiverse, meaning it has a vast number of different species, many found nowhere else in the world. tooltips.push(new_tooltip); General Suharto seizes control of country and becomes new leader of Indonesia. Next time if you want to eat Padang food, I reccomend “Rumah Makan Sederhana” There’s a lot of these around the country, except in Padang itself, weird isn’t it? The following documents are required by Indonesian Customs to clear shipments into Indonesia: For Foreigners Moving to Indonesia: Original IMTA (work permit), with minimum validity of 12 months, or An all sambal restaurant sounds wonderful. You can find many kind of indonesian food. 2Arga, Adhityani. For fried chicken, you should try: It’s not too pricey but delicious. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Woku is both spicy and heavy on the herbs with a distinct taste of lemon basil, giving the entire dish a refreshing, yet hot and spicy, sensation. Sooooo good!!! In the Napoleonic Wars, Britain takes control of the Dutch East Indies. Hey Stell, awesome to hear there’s a Manado food pop-up in California, that sounds great! Personal opinion, of course ???? I am a Bandunger living in LA, California.. 4. 6. With a similar flavor profile to Soto Betawi, but a bit more of an adventurous dish, sop kaki kambing is an Indonesian dish for meat lovers, and particularly for goat lovers. var tooltip = null, value = elem.value, no_error = true; Tahu Campur Lamongan ( Tofu and Beef Soup ) – Tahu Campur Kalasan H. Abdul Mahfud Jalan Kalasan no 22 open 11AM – 11PM daily. "light food"). When you eat ayam bakar Taliwang, not only are the grilled chickens so good you might be able to eat three of them by yourself, but they are also very small because they either free range chickens or sometimes spring chickens. Again, thanks for your enthusiasm and million dollar smile! But i think you double the list with few dishies that similar, like many type of fried fish. Where: Rumah Makan Medan Baru; Address: Jalan Krekot Bunder No. I think if you really want to taste a really good Nasi padang you should visit Bukittinggi in West Sumatera. Thanks for your efforts and sharing it with us. Address: Komplek Permata Buana, Jalan Puri Kembangan, Puri Indah, Jakarta; Open hours: 5 pm – 10 pm daily; Prices: 125,000 IDR ($9.41) for 4 people. Mending carik yang aman aman aja deh Proses Deposit dan Withdraw One of my favorite. I don’t know how to react to your videos but I assure you I started to drool as I watch your reviews on those food and dishes since I am fasting (it’s Ramadhan or the fasting month in Indonesia atm). 6. Clue: Indonesian island. The island of Bali, with its mostly Hindu population, has a unique variety of food, especially because (unlike other parts of Indonesia apart from Chinese and Christian populations), pork is popular. The skewers of meat, which often include beef pieces, beef tongue, and offal, are first marinated in a mixture of spices, then grilled over hot flaming charcoal, and finally they are often served over sliced up compressed rice cake, called ketupat, and then covered in a thick brown colored sauce, and sprinkled with crispy shallots. Typical culinary Cirebon many varieties and it is definitely delicious. I noticed one error … you used “know ” instead of “known” in one of your descriptions. On a spur of the moment decision, my wife and I decided to eat at a restaurant in Jakarta that served Batak food, from the Lake Toba region of Sumatra. Thank again, and I hope someday you’d consider doing meetups with your fans here! I’m really impressed with your detailed description on indonesian foods, really describe its deliciousness as i feel hungry while i was scrolling down your website! I’m hoping to visit Kalimantan in the future. Such a shame because it’s basically quintessential when you’re eating rawon. if (elem.options[i].selected && !elem.options[i].value) { Ow, I love Indonesian food! LOL. and yap you get new subscriber here . Hey Sam, awesome to hear from you, thank you very much for your food recommendations. pretty sure you’ll be converting to Indonesian citizen after those 5 islands (jk). Bangkok..Jakarta…here I come! The islands of Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian Archipelago, may refer either to the islands comprising the country of Indonesia or to the geographical groups which include its islands. Hi Mark, I am an Indonesian living in the USA. When I ate plecing kangkung, I immediately loved it because the water morning glory was still fresh and crisp, while the sambal on top was spicy, with a nice balance of shrimpy saltiness from the shrimp paste. Where: I had this dish home cooked, but do you know of any good restaurants? That’s making me hungry! Mark you should try Bebek Bumbu w they sell it some Halal Manado Restos instead of the dog meat they use bebek or chicken,The spices and heardsa re cooked into the meat,There used to be a manado resto That used to sell it in Kelapa Gading,Bebek is the best if its coooked in a rica rica style. for (var i = 0, len = allInputs.length; i < len; i++) { Aside jakarta, bandung is also a good place for cullinary as it’s well-known to be creative with their foods. Wow!!! There’s a guy called Andy, who sets up outside of City Walk Sudirman mall, and he a delicious version. As one of Indonesian and a foodie, this list is legit! WOW! 8Forshee, Jill. It’s kind of fried bread with spicy … Nasi Liwet, unfortunately I haven’t tried anything good in Jakarta, but in Solo there was one “Mbok Wongso Lemu” and she used to have an outlet in The Darmawangsa Hotel. In Jakarta, mostly at night, if you drive around the streets you’ll see countless food stalls showcasing catfish on their banner menus. You should try “Bakmie Bangka” One of the best and delicious noddles from Sumatra Island and my home country !!! Thanks for sharing this great post. Ketupat kandangan you can go to Solo. I always make them at home to snack them in front of the TV. I do like the fact that you like sambal. I read that you didn’t have “telur asin” or boiled salted duck egg along with your rawon! What’s your secret? They have what they call Nasi Kapau. return no_error; That sambal is so great and garlicy, and so spicy (for me) You will miss sambal so, buy that x). Ayam Suharti, because of the “kremes” (Senopati, Rawamangun, many branches you may find in Jakarta). : lets trip to our country and we will pleasure to meet you’ll here. I’m not in Jakarta anymore, but will remember for next trip. Hi Hasto, thank you for the recommendation. So I was very glad that a common type of leaf vegetable you’ll find in Indonesian cuisine are cassava leaves. The whole dish is served over triangular banana leaf “plate”, and eaten with banana leaf “spoon”. i love your guide and review so much 2014. There a lot of Sundanese food. Luckily, their heads can rotate 360° to compensate. If you’re searching for an authentic Nasi Liwet experience (besides the home cooked version), you can check out Nasi Liwet Ayam Kampung khas Keprabon Solo at Wisma Gading Permai food stalls in Kelapa Gading Area. but for all food in the world, i think you love kobe beef and musang king durian. The desiccated coconut is not a key ingredients in rendang. Hi Fadilla, thank you very much, I’m hoping to make it to Surabaya in the future. In this blog post I’m going to share with you 50 incredibly delicious Indonesian foods. Marco Polo was the first European to visit Indonesia, in 1292. (_above|_below) ?/g, '') + ' _above'; You definitely need to try more Balinese food (homemade is best–I’m lucky to have some Balinese friends cook them for me). The famous “Java Man” fossil, subsequently named Homo erectus, was found by Dutch physician Eugene Dubois on the Indonesian island of Java in 1889. Hey, great to hear from you, thank you very much for watching our videos. And thanks for exposing a real Indonesian food for the soul internationally! 7. Indonesia was formerly known as the Dutch East Indies (or Netherlands East Indies). – selendang mayang Two teams of spear-wielding ikat-clad horsemen gallop at each other, hurling their spears at rival riders. And no, I don’t even go to school there. Hi Mark, 1. Appreciate the correction as well. Where: Sop Buntut Cut Meutia is a nice little local restaurant just down the road from Cut Meutia Mosque in Jakarta; Address: Jalan Menteng Kecil No. If you are interested please do let me know, I might be able to arrange you and your wife to visit my families Aid ul Fitr feast celebration (my family side and my wife side, both of them have their own unique and different food to cook, since me and my wife have different ethnic background, and both are amazing…hahahahaha). } is that even a food? I don’t even know half of the places in this list! They’re awesome ! Sate Klopo ( Beef Satay with Coconut Powder and Peanuts Sause) – Sate Klopo Ondomohen Jalan Ondomohen open 6PM – 12PM daily. It’s insane. we even have this traditional market that only specifically sell these cake assortments, that only open from the very early morning, around 4am, called Pasar Subuh Blok M I haven’t been scrolling down through the comments below so I don’t know if somebody has suggested the places that I’m going to mention. Updated June 22, 2014. } else if (elem.tagName == 'SELECT') { The rice was extremely fragrant, and along with the coconut milk, it was also mixed with little fried fish to give it another added dimension of taste and texture. By filing away the teeth, the vices are thwarted. Now I want to hear your opinion, for you is Indonesian food more delicious than Malaysia/Singaporean food, especially for the same dishes? 3 years ago. The outlet I often visit is at Batu Tulis, near Pecenongan. Good day.. i’m ratih. var regexStr = "field\\[(\\d+)\\]"; His delineation became known as the “Wallace Line,” dividing Sulawesi and Lombok to the east and Borneo and Bali to the west. By The way Good Reaction after your eat food wkwkwk. Hey Rick, thank you very much, appreciate you reading this guide. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Indonesia. oh…since you like Nasi Uduk, I think you might like to try as well Nasi kuning (rice made with turmeric & coconut milk). again, i would like to thank to you. Keep up the good work, man! window._old_serialize = null; I totally agree with the list. r = true; And food is the biggest part of it! But if you love spicy food. Staying outside my home country, its just missing to hev all of this tempting foods… the #50 is a must we hev to survive, LOL then it shud be the #1 in your list . Sate Ponorogo : a kind of chicken Sate originally from Ponorogo (a city in east java) that have really creamy peanut sauce and less fat that ordinary sate Another sambal I love is sambal roa from Manado which is made with smoked roa fish–the Manadonese eat their fried bananas with sambal roa! tooltip ? On September 20, Dutch troops advance upon Denpasar, Bali. Nasi liwet is one of my favorite food, but if you ask where to find the best nasi liwet,you have to go tobsolo (central java) to find it,because those evening to midnight dishes can’t be reject during visit there,but for Jakarta area,Sate khas Sennayan have good nasi liwet. my favourite is definitely bakso, and bakmi ayam var addEvent = function(element, event, func) { The Portuguese, who originally discovered New Guinea and its surrounding islands in the early 16th century, originally called the islands Ilhas dos Papuas, from the Malay word papuwah (“fuzzy-haired”). My utmost gratitude for this food review! I’d love to visit Indonesian again. Great job my friend! Away from the major cities and areas of dense population, there are significant variations from one valley to the next and almost from one village to the next. Along with pieces of beef, one of the most important ingredients in cooking rawon is keluak (or kluwak), a nut that I had only previously eaten in a Peranakan dish. I’ve never had Indonesian food before. It was so much fun to learn and discover more about Indonesian food. But i dont really like the sambals, they are all spicy, Sambal is like our version of hot sauce, there is a stereotype thing in Indonesia where people from java like food more sweeter so some of them make sambal more sweeter like my aunt Love watching your food videos. tooltip.className = '_error-inner _no_arrow'; I appreciate you sharing about the different types of Nasi Liwet. } Hi Wirawan, thank you very much for reading this, oh sorry to do that to you!! button.parentNode.insertBefore(wrapper, button); 5. 3. kemplang in english it would be crispy rice cake i guess. if (!submitted) { Very well written, Mark. Most of all though, I just included petai on this list because it’s one of my personal favorite things to eat in the world and they are extremely common and popular in Indonesian cuisine. Panada is traditional snack from Manado, North Sulawesi. Thank you for bring up Indonesian Food to the worldwide. Mangga Besar is well known for its Bakmi eating spots. Also, gado gado is one of the few vegetarian dishes commonly available. Hi Jason, thank you very much for the recommendation! it same like other pisang goreng in indonesia, the difference is it’s eaten with spicy sambal. I hope that if you come to Indonesia again, please visit Surabaya. Thanks Mark! Oncom is a kind of tempeh made of fermented peanut, very typical West Java delicacy. and the photos are also awesome. Discovery of the small humanoid fossils on the island of Flores named. Padang is high up on my list of places to visit, I would love to travel there for the food. Anagrams - Page 1 Number of Letters: 2, 3 Anagrams - Page 2 Number of Letters: 3 Anagrams - Page 3 Number of Letters: 3, 4 Anagrams - Page 4 Number of Letters: 4 Anagrams - Page 5 Number of Letters: 4 Anagrams - Page 6 I am an Indonesian and love my country’s food! The satay is amazing, my favorite was the satay Padang, and also the sate kambing at Sudi Mampir Restaurant (the goat soup restaurant). Thanks for the great guide! – lontong balap validate_field(this, true); for dessert i like martabak the most. The Indonesian government recognizes only six religions—, Indonesia is home to the world’s largest volcanic lake, Danau (“Lake”) Toba, which is located on Sumatra and is the site of a massive super-volcano eruption that is thought to have happened 69,000 to 77,000 years ago. Are you living in Bangkok? Bandung is probably the go to destination for culinary and shopping. I am not a big fan of the fish but the beefrib soup looks amazingly delicious to me! Along with ikan bakar (Indonesian grilled fish), ikan goreng or deep fried fish, is another common way to prepare different types of fish and seafood. After spending 3 weeks in Jakarta and eating Manado food a number of times, I can safely say woku is one of my favorites Indonesian foods. There are probably hundreds of different types of fish that can be used to make ikan goreng, but one fried fish delicacy of Sundanese cuisine is fried freshwater gourami. Leave a comment below now! You should also try Indonesian cuisine that originated from Kalimantan . For me, that means about 1 – 2 chunks. One of the best nasi liwet i’ve ever had is in Solo (Surakarta), called Nasi Liwet Bu Wongso Lemu (Translation: Nasi Liwet by Chubby Mrs. Wongso :))))) ). Hi, Mark! good job mark.. i really enjoyed your channel in youtube.. . Putu is about the same it’s just Putu has a long shaped and cooked differently. Soto Betawi is usually prepared with beef, which is boiled with aromatic herbs like lemongrass and Indonesian bay leaves, and flavored with candlenut, galangal, garlic, and shallots, and finally often a combination of both fresh cow milk and coconut milk are added to make the soup creamy. e.preventDefault(); Oh how I miss my country food! inner.className = '_error-inner'; Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta; Open hours: 10 am – 12 midnight daily; Prices: I paid 67,000 IDR ($4.99) for 2 plates of sate. I bet you will love it! Hey Desy, thank you very much. You have to try Bakmi Ayam/Babi/Sapi (Chicken/Pork/Beef Noodle) while you’re in Jakarta. Visiting Sulawesi is very high on my list, I can’t wait to go there are sample much more food. I did have a chance to try martabak telor, not sure if it was with a duck egg, but it was awesome. Oh, i also love pork and spicy food. There is also some dished which is similar to siomay, it’s called batagor from Bandung, with peanut sauce, the taste is also amazing :), you should try es doger and ketoprak (it’s traditional food of Betawi) also when you visit Jakarta again , Great food choice. halal version of RW in Indonesia uses chiken, duck, or beef, Babi rica: rica-rica style dish that use pork(in north sulawesi, rica-rica refers to babi rica), Paniki: fruit bat cooked with coconut milk and spices. I would visit all the resaturants that you recommended. Dear, dear Mark Wiens, I was about to wonder when the pescatrian and vegetarian dishes would appear when I looked at the Experience number and saw I was only looking at number 26! Sounds like there’s so much good food in Solo, that’s going to have to be on my list next time I visit Indonesia. About nasi liwet, I think it’s more likely Sundanese style rice, as I know it when I live in Bandung Jawa Barat. I like how you mentioned that every bite is an adventure – that’s exactly how I feel too about eating and traveling – and it’s such a learning experience. As a half Indonesian, I find it great to see other people enjoying the delicious food of Indonesia! } Thank your for the recommendations. this pretty much sums up Indonesian dishes and might be useful for a baby step to everyone who keen to try Indonesian foods. I won’t hijack your comment section. NOOOOOOO!!! Next time you’re back to try indonesian food, make sure you also try its cake (called kue basah) or snack (called kue kering), also their drinks. selected = false; I may try some of the food based on your video the next time I visit Jakarta. Chick and goar satays are very good and no fat. Hi Ferry, very nice to meet you, thank you for watching my videos and reading the blog. Hahaha btw nice guide, Hi Mark, I am Indonesian, Glad that you made this awesome list, really makes me hungry!! thank you. – Sekba, Tasty pork dish, an unique Indonesia-Chinese food On October 19, Abdurrachman Wahid becomes the fourth Indonesian president. You must go to Malang- east Java, Indonesia.. you should try: i also blogged about indonesian food in https://andietafoodjourney.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/indonesian-food-fun-fact-1-takir-pandan/ . Hi Aca, thank you very much, really appreciate you watching. Java is completely converted to Islam, which leaves Bali as the sole remaining Hindu island. As i know that you are a food traveller, maybe if one day you want to visit indonesia again, especially surabaya i would like to give you some reference about place to eat (visit my link below) and i believe you will have another greatfull indonesian cullinary experience. Thanks for coming to Indonesia ???? As an Indonesian, I am proud with our food because they are rich in flavor and fresh. Again, famously known in Indonesia as a Makassar dish from southern Sulawesi, sop konro are beef ribs which are simmered in a variety of fragrant spices includes coriander, galangal, lemongrass, cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaves. Indonesian societies tend to be very tolerant of alternate expressions of gender. Enjoy everyday doing something that really makes you happy… for example… playing your favorite game 4 pics 1 word. allInputs[i].checked = true; I’m not really a sweets kind of guy, but martabak manis is definitely one of the most famous Indonesian desserts, and just because it’s so crazy, it’s something that should not be missed when you’re Jakarta. All are good. In order to make rendang, spices like cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, and dry chilies, garlic, and shallots are cooked with the meat. Next time we will meet up there to eat! Indonesia - Indonesia - Ethnic groups: The barriers of the mountains and the sea have protected the character and traditions of many groups. You might wanna try Balinese food too btw, they’re super good with distinct flavour and probably the only native Indonesian food with pork. Its really mouth-watering foods and i just loved it all… so much, thanks for supporting n promoting Indonesian culinary.. Because I’m based in Bangkok and my wife is Thai, I sometimes forget how much I enjoy Bangkok, but it’s always good to remind ourselves how much we can do and see right where we live. Thank you I’ll be looking forward for your other food reviews throughout the globe. 12“Indonesian.” Online Etymology Dictionary. Hi mr, i think you should try “Kupang Lontong” from east java. President Habibie announces East Timor could vote for autonomy or independence. 5. Talking about the recommendation of Nasi Liwet, i think nothing can’t beat the one in Solo (Central Region of Java). Thank you for coming to Indonesia, Mark and Ying! Hi Mark and Ying…. Mark, you are by far the best food blogger I’ve ever read and follow! They also serve the best Es Kelapa Muda. :), Burung Goreng Siantar, Mie Aceh (this is recipe from Aceh originally recipe, but in Medan you find easly to find it…its spicy noodle), Nasi Padang Sidempuan, and many more that you can find it in Medan North of Sumatera…. I am inspired to try out different foods when I travel. Japanese words for brown include 褐色, 褐色の, 茶色, ブラウン and 茶褐色. – ayam lodho Please take care and continue what you’re doing! or just simply visiting my house and my mom and grand ma would serving you a gull feast chinese indonesian meal.