One of my favorite meals, and one of those meals where my husband is like…but what’s for DINNER? Hail Heavy Cream. By knowing exactly what you're putting in, there is nowhere for those pesky carbs and preservatives to hide. This is our super easy, 2-ingredient creamy keto tomato soup recipe! This easy Low Carb Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with fresh beefsteak tomatoes straight from your garden will warm you up every time throughout the whole winter.Quick and easy to make, this Keto Tomato Basil Soup is not only Grain-free and Gluten-free but extremely tasty and healthy.You will make it again … Amount Per Serving Calories 154 Calories from Fat 90 % Daily Value* Fat 10g 15%. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them in larger quantities, like in this keto tomato soup recipe. This is a soup that will be enjoyed by all tomato lovers. March 2, 2020 By lindsey 6 Comments. Filed Under: Per Serving: 5-10g Net Carbs, Soups Tagged With: basil, carrot, crushed red pepper, crushed tomatoes, … {5 net carbs, 290 calories, 26g fat, 3g protein, 1g fiber} Servings: 6. Here is a quick low carb Creamy Tomato Soup that is made with just a few simple ingredients, and can be prepared and ready to eat in just a few minutes. To prepare them for this soup, simply cut off the ends and peel them like a potato. More Vegetarian Low Carb Recipes . Since we use a generous portion of heavy cream in this recipe, it is vitally important to choose the lowest carb-heavy whipping cream you can find. KETO RECIPE: Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup. For all those still sweating it out right now this soup is so quick its worth blasting the AC to make it fall weather inside. And our take on the classic adds in basil for a bold flavor with a creamy texture that will taste like you spent hours in the kitchen stewing, but luckily, it is a very easy recipe! Fiber 2g 8%. It reminds me of snow days when I was a kid—though of course back then my bowl of soup was always paired with a grilled cheese. Ah, soup. Keto Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup with “Grilled Cheese” Crackers. Enjoy! To help keep the carbs as low as possible, I also added cauliflower to the turnips. And, honestly, I’m all about making this recipe, since each cup has just over 3 NET CARBS! This keto tomato soup from scratch tastes delicious and is perfect for those on the keto diet. Low Carb Tomato Bisque Soup (7 Easy Keto Soup Recipes) This easy keto tomato soup is made with just 6 simple ingredients! Jen Fisch March 16, 2020. This tomato soup can be served with a variety of low carb sides such as almond flour biscuits, crackers, garlic knots, and parmesan crisps. Sugar 5g 6%. Our low-carb tomato s What really helped me lose weight was my eating habits and changing those for sustainability. Nutrition Info. Keto Tomato Bisque Soup - 7 Rules To Make The Weight Fall Off. Enjoy any time of year with your favorite low carb grilled cheese. Keto Tomato Bacon Cheddar Soup Keto tomato bacon cheddar soup. This rich keto tomato soup only requires a few ingredient swaps to make it low carb, but still oh so satisfying. You can bring those same flavors together here by combining this creamy soup with my Cheese Crisps (see recipe below) or a … A Keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, higher-fat diet that can assist you burn fat more effectively. The beginning of this year I started a weight loss journey and so far I have lost 55 lbs. I based this soup on the original recipe and video from Chef John called 'How to Make Tomato Bisque.' Carbohydrates 9g 3%. Saturated Fat 6g 38%. You’ll see why the ingredients combo of this low-carb tomato soup makes it perfectly keto-friendly yet packed with flavor. Home // Low Carb Tomato Soup (Easy + Keto!) Creamy Tomato Soup | Low Carb | Keto. Low carb tomato soup is wholesome nutritious sunshine in a bowl that prompts friendly smiles as it slowly warms you from the inside out. I absolutely love tomato bisque soup; it is one of my favorites! So here is my version. KETO VEGETABLE SOUP is a hearty, filling, and nutritious meal for any weeknight! With a drizzle of truffle oil on top😋 While I hate to see summer go I am in love with soups, everything pumpkin flavored, and cuddle weather! Bursting with tomato flavor yet made with canned tomato paste it’s the perfect year-round homemade soup. Keto Pancakes. This keto tomato soup recipe is so rich and creamy, and it’s just absolutely jam-packed with tomato flavor! I use turnips as a substitution for potatoes many of our favorite soup and stew recipes because the texture is so similar. Sodium 187mg 8%. Get Your Custom Keto Diet - - In this video you'll learn 2 more keto recipes. With just a few ingredients you can create a hearty, keto soup that the whole family will love. Besides tomatoes, you’ll need chicken stock, a bit of heavy cream, and olive oil to make it hearty and delicious. Nutrition Facts. A ketogenic diet for beginners keto. You just need to combine them with the right proportion of the right ingredients as you’ll see below. In fact, my friends and family can’t even tell it’s a low carb keto friendly tomato soup when I make it for them. This Keto Tomato Soup is so satisfying, and perfect for a fall day. There is something so homey about tomato soup. Low Carb Tomato Soup (Easy + Keto!) Keto Queso… All you need to make this soup is a can of San Marzano tomatoes, heavy cream, and seasonings. We’ve found nothing lower than Kalona Supernatural’s Heavy Whipping Cream. Cholesterol 30mg 10%. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Of course, basil here is a must and the Herbes De Provence blend adds a seriously tantalizing aroma to this meal. Our Keto Tomato Soup Ingredients. Potassium 498mg 14%. But I needed it to be keto friendly! Go check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see more fun content. This keto tomato soup has fewer carbs and more flavor since it’s made with whole roasted tomatoes. Best served during cold-weather. Keto Tomato Soup This keto tomato soup is a soup that will make you crave for more. Keto Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup with “Grilled Cheese” Crackers. Ingredients. Keto Tomato Soup from Scratch Recipe Ingredients. Updated: Oct 18, 2019. Making soup (at least simple keto soup), is easy. It has many benefits for weight-loss, health, and efficiency, as shown in over 50 studies.1 That's why it's advised by a lot of medical professionals. Cauliflower Mac And Cheese. JUMP TO RECIPE . Loaded with all kinds of low carb vegetables, it’s an easy way to get a nutritious meal in my kids and it’s perfect for a low carb lifestyle. For this keto soup recipe, I like to use medium or small turnips due to their mild flavor. Avocado Egg Salad. Don't be afraid to make your own vegetable or meat-based stock — if you're looking for ways to reduce the sodium, sugar, and carb content of store-bought soups, then this is your answer. LOW CARB ROASTED TOMATO BASIL SOUP RECIPE WITH FRESH BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES. Keto can be delicious and comforting too!